Ultra Violet Sterilizer

A T S Water Technologies Supplying U.V. systems basically consists of UV Lamps and water passes through vertical / horizontal QUARTZ TUBE OR TEFLON TUBE having water inlet nozzles the ultra Violet lamp emits ultra violet rays which disinfect of water without the use of chemicals and it is natural environment friendly disinfections process.

Material- SS304.316,316L/UPVC

flow - 100 LPH to 1,00,000 LPH

RO Systems consists of a (SS, Mild Steel Powder Coated Frame with required Electrical

Aquafine water Purification Systems Features:

Removes all visible particulate matter from water through P.P. woven pre filter Cartridge

Water passes through Highly absorbent Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon Granules (SIAC) which removes Bad Taste Foul Odour, excess of Chlorine.

It has an "A" Grade S.S.U.V. chamber where it inactivates the harmful bacteria, viruses & micro organisms.

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