RO/NF/UF Membrines

  • NF/RO

    The NF and RO membrane processes have been developed to their full potential by our specialists. Custom designed to purify surface water, groundwater or waste water, these systems represent THE solution for many of your water issues. The safe and highly effective NF and RO membranes act as veritable barriers, producing consistent water quality that exceeds the strictest standards. H2O Innovation NF and RO systems remove all pathogens, bacteria, and viruses while reducing color, turbidity, and mineral content in desired proportions (thanks to a wise membrane selection) .

    Skid mounted systems are manufactured in the factory and mounted directly onto a platform (skid). All components including pumps, pressure vessels, valves, control panels and other instruments are assembled on the platform so there is very little installation work required at final destination. This approach allows for complete performance testing of the system at our manufacturing facilities is often the most efficient way to proceed.

    In comparison to pre-assembled systems, the site built approach consists of assembling the system's components directly on the site selected for the facility, adapting the design to the available space. Site built systems require a much more detailed approach in terms of engineering, design, drawings, and installation. This approach can lead to significant cost savings on large projects. Its in-house expertise has enabled H2O Innovation to successfully complete numerous large-scale projects. Finally, H2O Innovation also offers modular units for smaller flows. Their unique expandable design allows for an easy increase in production capacity.


    The Ultrafiltration (microfiltration) treatment process blocks all bacteria and viruses, suspended solids, and even pre-oxidized dissolved contents as well as most molecules, such as proteins and high molecular-weight organic polymers. It is used in several applications, such as the production of drinking water and the treatment of wastewatera and process waters (food-and-beverage, biotechnology, power-generation, petrochemical, and municipal industries).

    H2O Innovation designs and manufactures ultrafiltration systems for a number of water-filtration applications. The company's expertise is based on its liability to determine the best combination of UF system features for an optimal performance. Our team of experts works closely with industry managers to carefully select the membrane modules, the pumps, and the cleaning and filtration modes that will best fit the application.

    Acknowledge to be the best process for reducing the silt-density index of any feed water, ultrafiltration is also commonly used as a pretreatment to nanofiltration (NF) or reverse osmosise (RO).

    Application Area:

    • Design pre-treatment
    • Surface water
    • GWUDI (Ground Water under Direct Influence of Surface Water)
    • Industrial process water
    • Hospitals & hotels
    • Heat exchangers & chillers
    • Ice plant



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